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Safety Product Category

Recapping Device

Sometimes it is necessary to recap a needle. These devices keep your hand out of the way of the needle, thus minimizing the potential of a needlestick injury.

Anesthesia Rack

The 4-Up Operating Room Syringe and Anesthesia Rack is the ultimate in the one-handed operation of syringe needle recapping and exchanging during surgical and anesthesia procedures.

  • This innovative recapping device has been specifically designed to handle many of the different styles of syringes used in today’s O.R.
  • It is the ultimate in safety since all syringes lay flat and have a specific slot that snuggly holds the syringe while recapping and needle exchanging.
  • It protects the practitioner’s hands from hypodermic needles unlike anything else available in the market today.
  • Each rack can accommodate 4 syringes and the racks can be attached together should the need arise for additional syringes.
  • Standard syringes and needles can be used eliminating the costly expense of safety syringes and needles which cost up to 5 times more than the standard.
  • Our products meet and exceed OSHA, CDC, JCAHO and AORN standards. We suggest that you comply with current OSHA laws pertaining to Sharps Safety in Surgery by using our sharps safety products to avoid being cited for repeated sharps safety violations.

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