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Safety Ampoule Breaker

Ampoules are small glass vessels in which liquids for injections are hermetically sealed. A typical pharmaceutical ampoule has a narrow neck between a cylindrical body and a conical tip. They are opened by snapping off the glass top at the neck. The scoring at the neck does not always break where it is intended. This is due to the glass re-melding to some degree at the score line. When the cap is snapped off, glass chips can fly off and a jagged or sharp edge can cut the hands of the healthcare worker. Safer products exist that remove the risk of broken glass cuts when breaking off the glass top.


Qlicksmart SnapIT

Qlicksmart SnapIT is a simply safer way to open glass ampoules, avoiding the unacceptable painful injuries which could be quite serious at times. This easy-to-use multi-use ampoule opener reduces the risk of sustaining a sharps injury by keeping hands out of harm’s way.

SnapIT is simple, safe and cost effective as it 

is reusable and comes in different sizes compatible with different ranges of ampoule sizes.