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Safety Bleeding-time Devices

Bleeding time measures the length of time that bleeding occurs after a wound is made. Bleeding time provides information about platelet count and platelet function. Bleeding time is usually within a normal range when the platelet count is greater than 100,000. Bleeding Time Test Devices typically make a standardized incision in the skin of the volar aspect of the forearm. The time when bleeding ceases is reported. This procedure was performed in the past by a lancet stab to the ear lobe or to the forearm. These techniques are now considered obsolete. Modern devices now make uniform, reproducible, surgical incisions for accurate sensitive bleeding time testing. Safety bleeding time devices retract the incision blade for safety to healthcare workers and others.

Heel sticks with a standard needles or lancets create potential needlesticks to healthcare workers and others.

Safety versions of bleeding time incision products are now available.