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Safety Blood Donor Needles

Safety blood donor needles help to transfer blood from a blood donor into donor bags. Following the blood donation the needle is retracted or shielded to prevent needlestick to healthcare workers and others.


The DonorCare® Needleguard is a simple but effective needle guard. It has been developed as and aid in the prevention of needle stick injury to the healthcare worker, donors, cleaning staff, contaminated waste disposal staff and the public at large.

Donor Care® locks into the SampLok® protecting both the donor and sampling needles.

The hinged assembly provides flexibility allowing the Donor Care® to be attached during blood collection or at the time of blood pack manufacture

The Donor Care® and SampLok® are compatible for use with current blood collection sets produced by all major manufacturers.


  • Immediate shielding of needle on withdrawal from vein
  • The needle shielding is always engaged from behind the needle assembly
  • Prevents rotation of needle hub, reducing risk of haematoma formation
    Donor Care® has a two-stage engagement mechanism:
    • Engaged position: Stabilises the needle hub whilst allowing for needle adjustment during collection
    • Locked position: Shields and locks the needle preventing any possibility of needle stick injury

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