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Safety Heel Stick Devices

A collection of capillary blood is obtained by pricking the skin on the heel and collecting a drop or two of blood on a test strip on into a small container. The area is cleansed with antiseptic and punctured with a sharp needle or a lancet. The blood may be collected in a pipette, on a slide, onto a test strip, or into a small container. When using standard needles or lancets this leaves sharps that can accidentally stick a healthcare worker or others. Newer technologies exist that eliminate the sharps injury potential

Heel sticks with a standard needle or lancet create potential needlesticks to healthcare workers and others.


Unistik 3 Neonatal featuring Comfort Zone Technology is an extremely easy and comfortable way to obtain a blood sample.

It is designed to ensure the highest level of safety for the healthcare professional and their patients.

The Unistik 3 lancet is pre-set and covered with a protective sterile cap. There is no need to load the lancet or prime the device prior to use. You simply twist off the protective cap and the device is ready for use.

The Unistik 3 lancet is pre-set and covered with a protective sterile cap.

The Unistik 3 needlepoint is hidden before use and automatically retracts after use to avoid needlestick injuries and cross infection.

Unistik 3 has an additional visual lockout feature. Should an attempt be made to misuse the device by trying to re-prime the lancet there is a clear indication to the operator that the device has been used and should be disposed of in a suitable sharps container.

The Unistik 3 Neonatal device is designed especially for blood sampling from the babies’ heel with a puncture depth of only 1.8mm. The lancet has Special Asymmetric Grinding to give optimal blood flow and reduced pain for the baby.