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Safety Product Category

Safety Needle Recapping Device

The Bloodborne pathogen standard only permits recapping of contaminated needles under very specific and limited circumstances where no alternative is feasible, or that such action is required by a specific medical procedure, such as with incremental doses of medication or the injection of radioactive materials. When recapping must be performed, it must be accomplished by the use of a mechanical device or one-handed technique. Training must emphasize the need to use this as a one-handed recapping device.

Point-Lok® Device

Point-Lok® devices provide effective protection for needles from 16 – 30g that do not have an integral engineered sharps injury protection (ESIP) device. It is available seperately, or cane be packaged in Portex® Arterial Blood Sampling kits, pain management and other procedural trays.

Product Features

  • Stand-alone needle protection device designed to lock onto and secure a contaminated needle.
  • Meets the Federal Register definition of an Engineering Control