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Safety Product Category

Safety Scalpels

This safety category has products that reduce the number of accidental sticks from scalpels, particularly in the operating room. Safety scalpels include quick-release scalpel blade handles, retracting scalpels, and ultrasonic scalpels.

TechnoCut Plus® Safety Scalpel

The TechnoCut Plus® Safety Scalpel is truly a new generation innovation.
The traditional scalpel with a disposable blade is not without risk or safety: The attaching to or removing of the blade from the scalpel handle is a manual and rather cumbersome process, often resulting in injury. While there is an obvious risk to the nurse or doctor, the less obvious risk is that to the patient. If a nurse, surgeon or assistant is accidentally cut during the procedure, the patient is placed at significant risk.

  • Passing of a used scalpel with an exposed blade between a surgeon and theatre nurse is risky and any lapse in concentration can result in injury.
  • Blade protruding from sharps bins can also result in unnecessary injury.
  • Mislaid or dropped scalpel blades place all healthcare workers at risks.

Sandel Safety Scalpel with Protective Safety Shield.

Between 600,000 and 800,000 sharps injuries are incurred by healthcare workers annually. 46% of sharps injuries happen to nurses.

  • Disposable Safety scalpels
  • Protective Safety Shield OSHA requires it.
  • Colored-coded to ensure proper blade selection.
  • Safety Shield locking / unlocking button can be used left or right-handed to secure he shield
  • Time Out® Removable Sleeve a reminder to comply with JCAHO Universal Protocol.
  • Offered in a variety of Blade and Handle Sizes.