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Sharps Containers for Public Restrooms

Sharps Containers for Public Restrooms

Each year, three billion needles and other sharps are disposed outside of the hospital and other healthcare settings, including those used by individuals with illnesses such as HIV or hepatitis. These discarded sharps expose the general population to the risk of disease transmission through needle stick injuries.

The Sharps Secure® Collection System is a containment and disposal method designed specifically for public restrooms. It provides self-injecting employees and customers a way to properly dispose of their sharps while away from home. The system is currently used in malls, restaurants, office buildings and industrial facilities.

The Sharps Secure Collection System features a sturdy, lockable collection cabinet that allows entry by authorized personnel only. When the sharps container inside the cabinet is full, it is placed in a USPS approved Sharps Disposal By Mail Systems® shipping box for transport and safe disposal.

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