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Sharps Disposal Containers

Sharps Disposal Containers

Containers to place needles and other sharps into as mandated by law.

E-SAFE Disposal Containers
E-SAFE Disposal Containers These practical disposal containers are user friendly for the safe disposal of sharps and other hazardous objects, such as used VACUETTE® blood collection needles. The disposal containers are available in three different sizes: 1.7 litre, 2.1 litre and 3.2 litre.

Sentinel by Bemis™

Safety from medical waste is our number one priority. With Sentinel, the first full line of medical waste disposal products by Bemis Health Care™, we can now help facilities control their waste disposal needs while protecting patients, staff, communities and the environment. Proper use of Sentinel products helps to ensure local state and federal regulatory compliance.

Our Sentinel Disposal Containers are manufactured using strict quality standards. Units snap together, permanently locking with tight seams to prevent exposure to medical waste. Combined with puncture resistant walls that meet ASTM standards, Sentinel offers the safeguards health care facilities deserve.

A variety of sizes from 1–Quart to 11–Gallon, including our 5–quart and 3–gallon Wall Cabinets, allow staff to select the right container for the medical waste disposal application. And thanks to versatile bracket systems, changing container sizes within the Sentinel line is simple and saves money.

Bemis Healthcare has a variety of sharps containers for multiple healthcare stations. 

  • Patient Room & Exam Room
  • Sharps Wall Cabinet System
  • Large Volume Sharps
  • Chemotherapy Sharps
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • RCRA Hazardous Waste
  • Brackets & Accessories