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Safety Product Category

Sharps Transportation Containers

Sharps Transportation Containers

With so many people self injecting drug therapies it becomes very important to safely contain sharps while traveling and in work environments. This safety product category provides an opportunity for consumers to safely transport syringe and needles.

Sharps Transport Tube™, manufactured by Sharps Compliance, Inc., has been created for simplified management of used sharps, such as needles, syringes, and lancets. Sharps® Transport Tubes are the ideal solution for “on-the-go” individuals who self inject drug therapies and travel, live or work in environments where short-term containment of used sharps is necessary.

Transport tubes are not designed to be mailed once full; nor should they be put into the trash. Place them in a sharps container intended for proper disposal, such as the Sharps Disposal by Mail System® container.


  • Thick, puncture resistant, two piece, rigid polypropylene material
  • Easy grip shape for transport
  • Ready to use
  • Environmentally safe, may be autoclaved or incinerated
  • Screw-on top ensures safe transport