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Splash Protection

Splash Protection

Products that help avoid blodd splash.

This is a surgical splash guard splash prevention system that helps solve splashing before it becomes a bigger problem.

The Magni-Guard has been specifically designed to reduce the need for other costly protective products.
Its lightweight clear quality plastic provides good visualization with no distortion.
It has reinforced ribs and side walls for splash entrapment and stability for those procedures where it counts.
The long handle helps reduce splashing on gloves that may have pinholes.
There is the option of adding reinforced absorbable towels for wiping off the guard surface as necessary.
Our products meet and exceed OSHA, CDC, JCAHO and AORN standards. We suggest that you comply with current OSHA laws pertaining to Sharps Safety in Surgery by using our sharps safety products to avoid being cited by for repeated sharps safety violations.

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