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Vial Adapters

Vial Adapters

The standard method of withdrawing fluid from a medicine vial unnecessarily exposes healthcare workers to needlestick injuries. This is typically done by pushing a needle into the rubber stopper of the vial and turning the vial upside. Air is injected into the vial. The syringe plunger is withdrawn pulling medicine into the syringe. After removing any unwanted air the syringe is used to make an injection. Newer devices eliminate the needle and allow withdrawal of medicine directly into the syringe without exposing healthcare workers to needlestick injuries.

Using a needle to withdraw medication from vials unnecessarily exposes healthcare workers to needlestick injuries!

Luer Lock Adapters

The Baxa Luer Lock Adapters with Spike are used for the reconstitution and aspiration of drugs in vials. This single-use product comes sterile and non-pyrogenic.
It provides true needleless access to both single and multi dose medication vials.

Instructions for use


  1. Attach access device to vial.
  2. Connect syringe with diluent to luer lock connector.
  3. Withdraw or add desired fluid volume.


  1. To equalize the pressure of the vial, push an equivalent amount of air into the vial for the amount of fluid that is to be withdrawn
  2. Invert vial and withdraw desired volume.