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Wound Irrigation

Wound Irrigation

Wound irrigation has typically been accomplished with a syringe and a hypodermic needle to generate the 8-12 psi fluid stream that is recommended for cleaning out wounds. This standard method, unfortunately, also showers the clinician with splashed irrigation fluid that is contaminated with the patient’s blood. This presents an unacceptable exposure to mucocutaneous splashes and the potential of an accidental needlestick from the hypodermic needle. New systems can quickly deliver irrigation solutions that can adequately cleanse the wound without the use of a needle.

Igloo Wound Irrigation System

With dual-exit portals that direct effluent removal away from wounds and a spray head that allows for continuous flow irrigation, the Igloo Wound Irrigation System is designed for convenient, safe wound irrigation.

Safe, Effective Wound Irrigation System

  • Insert tubing into saline bottle to clear away bacteria and necrotic tissue
  • Spray head delivers continuous, high-volume irrigation between 8-12 psi without the need to refill a syringe
  • Protects from potential back-splash contamination exposure
  • Shield’s dual-exit portals lead water and debris away from wound
  • Does not come with saline
  • Shield available separately; use with any standard luer-lock syringe
  • Sold only to Licensed Medical Professionals

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