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Droplet Micron: Now Available for More Medications and Over-the-Counter

We’re excited to share some big news about the Droplet Micron 34G x 3.5mm pen needle from HTL-Strefa, part of the MTD Group. The US Food & Drug Administration has expanded its approval, meaning Droplet Micron can now be used for more than just insulin. You can now use it for other medications like GLP-1s and more, making it a versatile option for many patients.

New Uses and Easier Access

Expanded Indication for Use: Droplet Micron is now approved for the “subcutaneous injection of drugs,” so it’s not just for insulin anymore. This opens up new treatment options and makes it easier for more patients to get the medications they need.

OTC Availability in the USA: With the regulatory changes, Droplet Micron will no longer be “prescription-only” in the USA. This means you can find it more easily in pharmacies and online (where state regulations allow). Look for Droplet Micron OTC on Amazon and soon at many national retailers.

Designed for Comfort

Droplet Micron is the shortest and thinnest pen needle available, designed to give you the best injection experience. Its advanced technology cuts the penetration force by up to 50%, often making injections less painful. Trusted by millions around the world and highly rated by users, Droplet Micron sets the standard for safe, reliable, and comfortable injections.

On a personal note – I have used these pen needles and I can hardly feel them when I am injecting insulin!  I love them!  -editor

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